SolutionCentre (SC) Open Source Collaborative Professional Networking embodies a concept whose time has come.

SC is dedicated to enabling and supporting 100% organic online networking, transparent operation, and collaborative development and management.

SC speaks to those who are weary of having their networking efforts cancelled out by arbitrary algorithmic controls shaped by undisclosed commercial objectives.

SC does not seek to compete with, poach members from, encroach on the core markets of or mirror the specialist niches of any other social media platforms, whether professional or social. SC is, instead, establishing widely-distributed SC Portals/Gateways, enabling passageways for content native to any other platform to be shared and distributed via SC’s own developing broad-based networks, in full compliance with each platform’s content-sharing policies. There’s no need whatsoever to stop using other platforms in order to become an SC (registered*member or (unregistered*) user of SC services and platforms. Indeed SC members* and users* would undoubtedly benefit from a far richer and more productive overall Social Media experience, by maintaining their use of other platforms in conjunction with SC, just as Google Search and Wikipedia coexist in perfect harmony, each efficiently and effectively leveraging the distinctnes

So, are you seeking a platform that offers:

■ True Affinity Networking?

100% Organic Reach for your Articles, Blogs and Posts?

■ Opportunities to Brand/Market B2B or B2C Goods/Services?

Broad Syndication of Writing with full control of content?

Sale of B2B or B2C Products or Services?

■ Promoting a STEM Seminar?

■ Hosting your own Forum or Chat Space?

■ Levying your expertise/experience in Specialist Q&A Forums?

■ Hosting your own Podcast or Vlogging Channel?

■ Presenting Academic Research Journal Publications?

■ Marketing your latest Book or eBook?

■ Showcasing your upcoming Event?


[Live] Help-U-FiXiT @SolutionCentres (Global) Portal [Alpha]:

[Live] SolutionCenters (North American) Portals [Alpha]:

[Live] SolutionCentres (European) Portals [Beta]:

[Live] SolutionCentres (Australasian) Portals  [Alpha]:

[Live] SolutionCentres (Asian) Portals [Alpha]:

[Live] SolutionCentres (Caribbean) Portals  [Alpha]:

[Live] SolutionCenters/Centres (Latin American) Portals [Alpha]:

[Live] SolutionCentres (African) Portals [Alpha]:

SolutionCentres Organisation © 2020


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